Serial Killer Gets 9 Death Sentences

<i> Associated Press</i>

Serial killer Henry Louis Wallace was given nine death sentences Wednesday and then broke the silence he had maintained during his trial by apologizing for the crimes.

“None of these women, none of your daughters, mothers, sisters or family members in any way deserved what they got. They did nothing to me that warranted their death,” he said as relatives of his victims sobbed. Wiping tears, Wallace sat down as a victim’s cousin shouted: “Why did you kill them?”

Prosecutors said Wallace, 31, a former fast-food worker, was a calculating, coldblooded killer who preyed on friends and co-workers and hid his crimes by meticulously cleaning up murder scenes. The defense didn’t deny Wallace strangled or stabbed the women between 1991 and 1994, but said he was mentally ill.

In addition to the death sentences, Wallace was handed 10 life sentences plus 322 years for 20 other crimes, including rape.


“I don’t believe he’s sorry. He wouldn’t have lied to me for two years while my sister was missing and then killed all those other women,” said Kathy Love, whose sister disappeared while she was a roommate of Wallace’s girlfriend.