Children’s Prank Alarms FBI Chief

<i> Associated Press</i>

FBI Director Louis J. Freeh has taken special precautions to protect his home against crime, but when the alarms went off recently, it turned out the culprit was 3 years old and it was an inside job.

Freeh told reporters Thursday that his home has motion sensors that are turned on at night for security. They sound an alarm in the FBI’s Strategic Information Operations Center.

After an alarm brought police, Freeh, who has young sons, learned that “the older boys sent the 3-year-old down to run around the basement. Then they hid and waited for the police to show up.”

After police cars raced to answer the alarm, the FBI director dispensed with the Constitution in solving the problem.


“I put a quick stop to that--using draconian, lack-of-due-process methods,” Freeh said, without providing details.