June Carlson; Played in Film Series 'The Jones Family'

June Carlson, 72, ingenue actress best remembered as the second-eldest daughter in 20th Century Fox's comedic films "The Jones Family." A native of Los Angeles, Carlson portrayed Lucy, daughter of characters played by Spring Byington and Jed Prouty, in all 17 of the Jones episodes. She made her debut in "Every Saturday Night" in 1936, and over the next four years appeared in the films "Educating Father," "Back to Nature," "Off to the Races," "Big Business," "Hot Water," "Borrowing Trouble," "Checkers," "Love on a Budget," "A Trip to Paris," "Everybody's Doing It," "Safety in Numbers" and "Young as You Feel." She did a few more films in the 1940s, including "Delinquent Daughters" and "Mom and Dad" and had a guest role in the first filmed television series, "Public Prosecutor." Carlson left Hollywood after that to raise her three children and later worked in a department store cosmetics section. On Dec. 9 but announced Tuesday in San Clemente of an aneurysm.

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