Another Bust by the Lingo Police

Re: "Hel-LO-oh, Let's Find Closure on Faux Phrases" (April 10): Well done, Rip Rense. How sick we are of trite, meaningless phrases that muddle communication. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to come up with more:

* "At this point in time." Oh, we thought it could have taken place at this point in, I don't know, soup?

* "Let me just say this." Don't ask permission. Just say it.

* "It goes without saying." Then don't say it.


Westlake Village


Lingo czar? How about the new secretary of education? Rip Rense's piece on language debris was a welcome reminder that articulate, nonderivative expression is a lost art.

Submitted for your approval are a few the czar may have overlooked: "Send a message," "Empower," "Cut to the chase," "Zero tolerance," "Don't try this at home" and "It's the . . . from hell."

If you're old enough to remember when these hoary nuggets were actually amusing, you'd better buzz for the nurse. It's probably time for your medication.


Los Angeles

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