McVeigh Sympathizer Faces Gun Charges

From Associated Press

A militia leader who had visited the federal courthouse here in a show of support for Timothy J. McVeigh was arraigned on weapons charges Friday with two others after FBI agents seized guns and explosives at their home.

Ronald D. Cole, 27, Wallace Stanley Kennett, 33, and Kevin I. Terry, 24, were arrested Thursday by agents who seized six fully automatic AK-47s, three land mines, 75 pounds of rocket fuel, a pipe bomb and large amounts of ammunition from their rented house in Aurora.

Cole and Kennett are self-described leaders of a militia called the Colorado First Light Infantry.

The two also had ties to the Branch Davidians and had expressed anger at the 1993 government raid that ended in the deaths of 81 members at Waco, Texas.

The three men were charged with possessing and manufacturing illegal firearms. They were held without bail pending a hearing Tuesday. Cole distributed material outside the Denver courthouse on the first day of McVeigh's trial. He said he was concerned that McVeigh would not get a fair trial.

Prosecutors claim McVeigh blew up the building in retaliation for the Waco raid.

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