This Summer’s Family Films

What’s safe for small fry in the coming months? Here’s what studios hope will attract all ages:

Friday: “Buddy.” Jim Henson Pictures presents this purportedly true story about a 1920s ape advocate played by Rene Russo.

June 25: “Hercules.” Tate Donovan, James Woods and Danny DeVito head the vocal cast of Disney’s 35th animated feature, with songs by Alan Menken (“Beauty and the Beast”) and David Zippel (Broadway’s “City of Angels”).

July 2: “Wild America.” Jonathan Taylor Thomas plays a young documentarian in this fact-based story.


July 11: “A Simple Wish.” Martin Short, Kathleen Turner and “Matilda’s” Mara Wilson star in this fairy tale from director Michael Ritchie.

July 18: “George of the Jungle.” Jay Ward’s cartoon creation is played by a flesh-and-blood Brendan Fraser.

July 25: “Good Burger.” A fast-food sketch from TV’s “All That” gets extra garnish for the big screen.

Aug. 1: “Leave It to Beaver.” Move over, Jerry Mathers--it’s Cameron Finley’s turn to portray the Beav.


Aug. 8: “Air Bud.” Another Buddy--not a gorilla, but a dog who shoots baskets.

Aug. 8: “Napoleon.” A golden retriever roams Australia; he and his animal pals sound a lot like Adam Wylie, Bronson Pinchot and Joan Rivers.

Aug. 15: “Free Willy: The Rescue.” If Willy needs this much help, does he deserve to be rescued?