Lawyer Hints Kevorkian Aided Woman’s Death

From Associated Press

Jack Kevorkian apparently struck again on the very day the Supreme Court ruled there is no fundamental right to assisted suicide. Hours after Thursday’s ruling, a woman was found dead in a motel with a note to call Kevorkian’s lawyer.

As he has in several other recent suicides, lawyer Geoffrey Fieger hinted strongly that Kevorkian was involved: “I know who’s not afraid and who isn’t intimidated, and that would be Dr. Kevorkian.”

Along with answering questions about the corpse, Fieger said he is running for governor next year.


Fieger, asked on NBC about the timing of the latest suicide, said: “What this is about is people’s rights in the United States not to suffer.”

The lawyer identified the woman as Janis Murphy, 40, of Henderson, Nev. He said she suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and from fibromyalgia, or muscle pain.

But an autopsy Friday found no disease, listing carbon monoxide poisoning as the cause of death.

Murphy’s father, James Linda, said in a statement read by Fieger that his daughter had “intractable and unrelenting pain.”