Scientologists’ Largest German Protest March Held in Berlin

From Reuters

Speaking from a vast video screen, actor John Travolta told a mass rally of Scientologists here Monday that there is no excuse for government discrimination against religious bodies.

Singing and chanting, adherents from Germany, the United States and across Europe joined the L.A.-based Church of Scientology’s largest demonstration in Germany against what it said is official discrimination against religious minorities.

“Scientology is our religion,” Travolta said in the video message, taped in Los Angeles. “It has helped us a lot, as it has helped so many others around the world.”

Police said there were up to 3,000 at the protest, while organizers, who had hoped for a crowd of 10,000, put the figure at 6,500.


Germany does not recognize Scientology as a religion and sees it as a business that exploits its members for financial gain.