Magic Johnson, basketball legend, theater chain owner and host of the upcoming talk show "The Magic Hour"

The dates: I'm not a stay-at-home guy. My wife, Cookie, and I get out of the house. It keeps our relationship fresh and great. We've been together for about 20 years, and we're still dating. We both love being entertained.

The flicks: Friday is basically movie night--and we might go again on Saturday. We go to the Magic Johnson Theaters. She loves to see love stories. I'm not really a love story kind of guy, but I like murder mysteries and action movies.

The tunes: Cookie and I love to do the concert thing. There isn't anyone I haven't seen, and I've seen most everyone more than once. I'm a ballad man. I love Luther Vandross, Frankie Beverly and Maze, the O'Jays and the Whispers. I'm friends with all of them. Sometimes they'll call me up on stage to sing. The Temptations brought me up, and James Brown brought the music all the way down. I'm a great singer in the shower.

The kids: On Saturday, I'll start working out at 7, then I'll take my son to karate practice. It's kids day. I work a lot during the week, and I don't get a chance to see them much. Whatever they want to do is great. We really get to enjoy our family outings. God has blessed me.

The rides: One of our favorite things to do is go to Magic Mountain. My wife is a roller coaster nut. She will go on the scariest rides.

The beach: We all love to go to Malibu and visit friends at the beach. Cookie and I can't swim a lick, but we love to dig holes in the sand.

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