Blooming Veggies

At a recent trip to the flower market, I was disappointed when I didn’t find an abundance of spring flowers. I was searching for daffodils, only to find wilted tulips. The reason: El Nino. The constant rains have made it difficult for spring flowers. Spring vegetables are having their troubles too, but they seem to be doing better than the flowers and can make a terrific holiday centerpiece. Artichokes, asparagus and thistle-like protea blossoms (one flower that’s easy to find) come together in this centerpiece. Sugar protea casts a nice cinnamon scent.

You will need:

Rubber band

Small glass bud vase


12 purple asparagus spears

Florist wire

5 large artichokes

3 sugar protea flowers


2 pincushion protea flowers


Place rubber band around middle of vase. Gently pull rubber band away from vase and slide asparagus spears, cut end down, between vase and band all the way around vase. Wrap piece of florist wire around asparagus to hold in place and twist end to secure. Cut rubber band.

Place artichokes around base of vase. Tie artichokes together by threading florist wire between leaves to conceal it. Twist end of wire to secure.


Trim bottoms of protea so flowers are at different lengths. Place in vase and fill with water.

Holiday Basket Tip

Line your Easter baskets with green leaves from your garden. Add a couple of spring flowers to brighten it up.