Rebagliati Undergoes Police Questioning


Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati underwent a police grilling about drug use while waiting to hear whether a tribunal would let him keep his sport’s first-ever Olympic gold.

Rebagliati was disqualified and told to hand back his medal on Tuesday after urine samples taken following Sunday’s giant slalom showed traces of marijuana.

His team immediately appealed against the International Olympic Committee ruling, saying he had not smoked a joint in 10 months.


Meanwhile, Rebagliati was summoned by police in Nakano to explain his drug use. Rebagliati refused to answer any questions during the interrogation.

Japan has strict anti-drug laws and does not allow anyone convicted of drug use into the country. Possession of marijuana can carry a five-year drug term.

The Rebagliati case is not the only embarrassment to have hit snowboarding on its Olympic debut.

Austrian team officials said Wednesday that one of the sport’s biggest names, Martin Freinademetz, had been thrown out of the Games after a late-night party at which he smashed furniture and a computer.