Campaign for Judgeship

* On June 15, The Times quoted judicial candidate Gary Windom as saying, “Unless the judges tell me something different, I’m left believing they are implicitly criticizing my skills, my integrity and my competence.”

Mr. Windom, I find it disconcerting that someone running for superior court judge would allow himself to believe that praise and endorsements for one individual become character assassination to another.

Does self-actualization really depend upon what is said about another individual? Is this how you would interpret arguments in your courtroom?

To Public Defender Kenneth Clayman and his colleagues, Christina Briles, Susan Olson, Michael Schwartz, et al: Your actions these past two weeks have been most offensive. Public intelligence, let alone the character of these fine judges, has clearly been insulted.


One does not require the wisdom of Solomon to know that judges alone do not “decide” who wins or loses in their courtrooms. Attorneys, both defenders and prosecutors, are ultimately responsible. They are obligated to do their best, to present the facts of the case in the most complete manner on behalf of their clients--on behalf of the people.

Your office cries afoul and insists that your clients cannot get a fair shake. Don’t blame the bench, don’t make excuses and please don’t turn this election into a “victim” mentality.

If I wasn’t already strongly supporting Mr. McGee, I regret to inform you, your behavior would have convinced me to do so.



Newbury Park

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