Jeremy Strohmeyer

Reading through your July 19 article on Jeremy Strohmeyer and the tragic events that led to the death of Sherrice Iverson, I was struck by the appalling attitude of this young man and his friends, and in particular, David Cash. That someone could so callously murder a young child is baffling enough, but to discover that it seemed entirely preventable is truly puzzling. Why was this young child allowed to wander and play in a casino unsupervised? Why didn’t Cash stop his friend from harming Sherrice? He should have immediately gone to casino security once he knew Jeremy had “crossed the line.”

It seems that Cash should be under indictment for being an accomplice to the murder of Sherrice Iverson, or at least for aiding and abetting a murderer. Instead, he’s attending college, scoring with women (“made easier” by his “experience” with the murder) and trying to figure out ways to further financially profit from the sad and terrible death of a 7-year-old girl. To say I’m sickened and greatly disturbed by the actions and attitudes of both of these boys (and most of their friends) is an understatement.

My heart goes out to the family of Sherrice Iverson.




* Strohmeyer is a monster and deserves whatever punishment the Nevada court decides is appropriate. But the truly horrifying part of the story was the response of his friends. Well, boys, men do not protect monsters who assault and murder defenseless little girls.

I am so disgusted with the actions of Strohmeyer’s friends that I want to lay a curse on them: When your children are born and you feel that first rush of love and protectiveness, may you remember your “friend,” the monster, and realize that there are many more like him in this world, just waiting for an innocent, unprotected child. And for David Cash: May all your children be female, so that you will feel the extra fear that parents of daughters live with every day.




* Why the hell is David Cash walking around a free man?




* Upon first reading the news reports of the circumstances of Sherrice Iverson’s death, I remember standing in my kitchen and crying uncontrollably. Now, reading this account in The Times, I have the uncontrollable urge to vomit. Attention deficit disorder, child of a drug addict--blah, blah, blah--this is just a coldblooded killing. Strohmeyer and his oh-so-cool friend Cash are the lowest form of scum I can imagine. I’ll gladly volunteer to administer the lethal injection or plug in the chair, although I think either of those methods is entirely too humane in this case.



* Just as hair and eye colors can be inherited, so can the propensity for dipsomania and schizophrenia. Winnie, John and Jeremy Strohmeyer were unwitting players in a pre-scripted tragedy. Nora Zamichow is to be commended for examining the degree to which many young people, through no fault of their own, are so incredibly desensitized to violence.



Santa Barbara