Germans Expose U.S. Swimmers’ Ills

From Associated Press

The diagnosis, according to Ron Karnaugh, M.D.: We just don’t work hard enough anymore.

Karnaugh, a medical doctor and a swimmer on national teams since 1986, said that’s why a rare U.S. loss in the 400-meter freestyle relay gave the Americans a dual-meet loss against Germany at the Goodwill Games in Uniondale, N.Y., on Wednesday.

“There’s no shortcut to success in swimming, and some of our younger kids don’t work as hard as they should,” said Karnaugh, 32, who won the 200 individual medley just before the freestyle-relay defeat that allowed Germany to win, 63-59.

The U.S. led by three points going into the final race. But relays are worth seven points for the winner and none for the loser, and the Germans’ time of 3:21.48--1.25 ahead of the Americans'--decided the outcome.


The victory in the 200 individual medley by Karnaugh, from Maplewood, N.J., was a meet highlight for the U.S. Karnaugh set a games record of 2:02.18.

In figure skating competition at Uniondale, former world champion Todd Eldredge took the lead after the men’s short program ahead of Russians Alexei Urmanov and Evgeni Plushenko.

In women’s beach volleyball at Central Park in New York City, defending champions Karolyn Kirby and Liz Masakayan of San Diego lost to Pauline Manser and Kerri Pottharst of Australia, 15-10.

Lisa Arce and Holly McPeak of Manhattan Beach beat Laura Bruschini and Annamaria Solazzi of Italy, 15-4.