Making Medical Care a Guy Thing

Michelle Williams is the Life & Style/Health editor

Dear Readers,

This month we kick off Men's Health Month with Usha Lee McFarling's story on how to drag your man--whether he's your husband, father, brother, whatever--to the doctor. Not to talk about my father's people, but sometimes they can be so difficult when it comes to medical treatment. Their "that-lump-is-bound-to-disappear-on-its-own" approach is fine when it comes to cake batter, but not when it comes to health.

Don't miss a two-part installment later this month by Tony Taylor, who works at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. He writes about his battle with prostate cancer:

"Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. . . . As an aerospace engineer and interplanetary navigator, I've been to all those places via the Voyager mission. Done 'em! My life is fraught with adventure every few years, one planetary encounter after another. But I've never done Pluto. Never been to that deep dark place full of shadow, cold and potential finality. I get a chance now."

Our guy Guest Workouts this month include Eli Wallach and Kirk Cameron. And for Father's Day, Boomer Esiason, "Monday Night Football" announcer and former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, has written a poignant letter to his son, Gunnar, who has cystic fibrosis.

So if you are a man, or know one, this month is for you.


Several weeks ago I invited the first group of "How I Did It" contest winners to brunch. The dress was casual, very casual: Before eating at the Loews Santa Monica hotel, we'd taken a four-mile walk along the beach. I'm glad to report that the winners have not abandoned their successful fitness programs. Don't be surprised if they make an appearance in this section again. They continue to be an inspiration.

See you next month,


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