Dally's Attorneys File for New Trial

Attorneys for convicted wife-murderer Michael Dally filed a motion Tuesday requesting a new trial.

Such a motion is routine in major cases and even Dally's attorney doesn't expect it will be granted.

"I'm never optimistic for a motion for a new trial because the judge may have to sit there and admit that he was wrong," James Farley said.

Farley said that he expects to make a similar motion to an appellate court after Dally's sentencing on June 9 for his part in the murder of his wife, Sherri. Dally's lover Diana Haun was sentenced to life in prison for her role in the 1996 slaying.

In the motion filed Tuesday, Farley asked for a new trial on three grounds: lack of evidence, prosecutorial misconduct during closing arguments, and that the court erred in admitting prejudicial character evidence unrelated to the case, including Michael Dally's involvement with hookers and drugs.

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