City Hires Firm to Study Water Problem

Residents of the soggy Sutter Avenue area may get relief soon, after the City Council's decision to hire a firm to study the area's ground water problem.

Council members agreed Monday to hire the Source Group of Thousand Oaks at a cost of more than $37,000 to analyze the problem of water percolating up through lawns and driveways and to develop strategies on how to best drain the area.

With this winter's steady rains, properties in the Sutter Avenue area have been inundated with a steady flow of water rising through lawns, driveways and sidewalks. The excess water has damaged some home foundations and landscaping.

The city hopes the study will result in a method to drain the excess water--which is high in minerals and bacteria--possibly into the Arroyo Simi and ultimately the ocean.

Source Group specialists will begin their study immediately and report back to the council with their findings and recommendations early next month.

The council is then expected to make a decision on how to drain the area, with hopes of having the problem solved by late summer.

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