New Attitude Makes Him a Leaner, Healthier Teen

During my last two years of elementary school, my weight was steadily increasing. I love French fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, and toast with lots of butter. My family goes out to eat for almost all meals. I would order two kids' meals and still be hungry. I also did not get much exercise and spent most of my day watching TV and playing video games. At 12 years old, I was wearing a man's shirt, size large (sometimes extra large). I knew when I started junior high school that things had to change.

During junior high, I found that I got a lot more exercise than in elementary school. For one thing, with six periods, there is a lot of travel time between classes. Additionally, PE provides cross-country running, gym activities and physical fitness tests. I started running four laps around the track each day. I also attended many after-school activities, like the bike club. I try hard to keep my GPA high so that I can participate in the after-school dances.

I also joined the Boy Scouts, and I attend junior high youth group at my church. While I was becoming more active, I started to cut back on the foods I was eating. I have always liked fruit, especially watermelon. I get all the fruit that I want, including bananas. I am now old enough to order an adult meal, so I order only one meal instead of two. Although I still eat French fries, I no longer eat grilled cheese sandwiches. When I get hungry, I now eat popcorn--lots and lots of popcorn. Diet Coke goes great with popcorn.

I lost 32 pounds during the past six months, and have been at my present weight of 108 since January. (It also helped that I grew 3 inches during this past year.) All of my clothes were too big; I now wear a size 14 like most of the other teenage boys. Everywhere I go, I gets lots of compliments about how great I look, especially from most of the girls at school. When I went for my annual checkup in February, my doctor was so impressed that she wrote me a letter and included a copy of one of your weight-loss stories. She told me that I should write in too, so I did.

Vital Statistics

Name: Shawn Koester

Age: 13

Occupation: Junior high school student

Height: 5 feet, 1 inch

Old Weight: 140

New Weight: 108

Time to Get There: Six months

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