Low-Income Housing Opens for AIDS, HIV Patients

A Los Angeles-based organization that provides housing for people and families living with HIV and AIDS today will celebrate the opening of its newest apartment complex in San Pedro.

Developed by Project New Hope, the Callahan/DeFields New Hope Apartments has been designed to meet the needs of residents in the harbor area who have HIV or AIDS. The 10 apartments are available to low-income residents who will pay 30% of their monthly income in rent. The complex also will provide vocational training.

The $2.3-million project, paid through public and private funds, is the fifth site that Project New Hope has developed over the last eight years. The complex is aimed at helping those whose health is improving, but whose economic situation is not.

"So many people with HIV are getting better, but that doesn't necessarily translate into an improvement in their economic situation," said Executive Director Scott Figenshow. "A person on disability collects just over $600 a month, which is what an apartment can cost to rent. . . . This is more cost-effective."

Those with HIV/AIDS say the housing complex also provides a safe place to live.

"All the harassment that people living with HIV and AIDS get from neighbors and landlords doesn't exist here," said Gerardo Amaro, 37, who rents a one-bedroom apartment.

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