The Sweet Somethings at Nuptials

I just want to fly

Put your arms around me baby

put your arms around me baby

I just want to fly

--Sugar Ray's "Fly"


When you start your career as one of the funky Shrinky Dinx, folks might assume that you're unconventional in just about everything.

But Rodney Sheppard, who once performed as a Dinx and is now a guitarist in the double-plantinum group Sugar Ray, was tuned to a traditional wedding when he said "I do" to Gretchen Fyke on Saturday.

After all, they met in a conventional, almost corny, way, about a decade ago while attending Corona del Mar High.

To keep the wedding vibes traditional, they selected a mainstay venue for their upscale reception: Big Canyon Country Club in Newport Beach, and they ordered a huge tiered cake with white frosting and topped with real flowers.

He wore a tuxedo; she wore a tiara with her veil. The couple even took dance lessons so they could waltz into the room in front of 350 guests.

Everything about their reception stood on ceremony--until the reggae band started playing.

Dance a little stranger

show me where you've been

Love can make you hostage

wanna do it again

Grandparents, children, Sugar Ray band members and their hip friends took to the floor as the tunes blared. When a DJ began playing disco and Frank Sinatra songs, the reception became a five-hour-long dance party.

"It started out so traditional, but when the music started, it became apparent that the bride and groom and their family have an amazing passion for music," said one guest.

All around the world statues crumble for me

who knows how long I've loved you

Everyone I know's been so good to me

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