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The question May 31: So the Sphinx has finally gotten a proper face lift. What local monuments do you think need a little spiffing up?

When it comes to spiffing up, you couldn't make a better choice than the Dodgers and Lakers.

Joyce Cates, Ventura


1. All of downtown. 2. All of the rest of the city. 3. The mayor.

Edward Duarte

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The county's "Walk of Flags" between City Hall and the Red Line subway station. The flags are often tattered, faded, missing or [without] matching identifying plaques.

Lawrence Fafarman, Los Angeles


The problem with L.A. is that it doesn't have a monument. 'Frisco has the Golden Gate. New York has the Statue of Liberty. D.C. has the Capitol dome. And L.A.? Smog! Let's see--how do you spiff up smog?

Walt Hopmans, Santa Barbara


We plead for removal of the once-charming sculpture of Myrna Loy, now broken and confined behind a hideous wire cage in front of Venice High School.

David and Tracy Cressey, Los Angeles


The La Brea Tar Pits might need some work. . . . Is that fat mama elephant in the tar really supposed to look like Kenneth Starr?

Emmanuel Rustia, Chino Hills

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