TBN Accused of Deceiving Backers


* Re “Seeing Is Believing,” June 9:

Many have apparently been taken in by the false doctrines and glittery facade of Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Televangelists Paul and Jan Crouch often brag on their program that they do not represent an “organized religious” movement and are in no way tied to any denomination of value or long-standing.

They also brazenly state they do not give account to “man-made government groups” for how they use the funds so generously given to them by their viewers.


What they are really saying is that they are yet another obvious, though more sophisticated, cult group that shamelessly bilks the elderly, lonely and homebound of pensions and Social Security checks. Credit should be given to Paul Crouch for learning from the mistakes of former cohorts such as Jim Bakker.


Mission Viejo