Bail Reduction Denied in Indentured Servant Case

A Los Angeles federal judge refused Monday to lower the $500,000 bail set for a Woodland Hills woman accused of holding two illegal immigrants as indentured servants for six years.

Supawan Veerapol's lawyer called the bond "outrageous" and asked that it be reduced by at least $100,000 to accommodate one of the defendant's friends who posted his house as collateral.

Defense attorney W. Anthony Willoughby said the friend is now experiencing financial difficulties.

Judge Carlos Moreno denied the motion, however, saying he had no intention of second-guessing the federal magistrate who set the bail.

Veerapol, 52, was jailed briefly until several friends put up their homes to cover the $500,000 bond. The government contends she is a flight risk.

Veerapol comes from a politically connected family in Thailand and has lived in the United States for the past 10 years. She is scheduled to face trial in August on charges of harboring and employing the two illegal immigrants.

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