Council Seeks Court Costs for Suit Won by City

The City Council wants a secretary who lost a sexual harassment suit against the Rose Bowl manager to pay the city $60,000 in court costs.

A jury earlier this month rejected the lawsuit by Jane Orr against her boss, Rose Bowl General Manager David Jacobs. The 10-2 verdict came after the city had spent more than $500,000 in attorney's fees in addition to court costs.

The council made the decision to seek court costs in a closed session last week. Council members said they wanted to deter others from bringing weak lawsuits against the city

Orr has been on paid leave for more than a year.

Before the trial, the council rejected an offer from Orr's attorney to settle for $75,000 and another to leave city employment in exchange for twice as much. Council members say they rejected the offers because they decided they needed to stand up for their managers.

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