Black's Dragging Death Prompts KKK Rally Plan

From Times Wire Services

The Ku Klux Klan plans a rally June 27 in this town, which is trying to recover from the killing of a black man who was chained to a pickup truck and dragged 2 1/2 miles until his body was torn to pieces.

Three white men allegedly linked to white supremacist groups have been charged with the brutal murder last week of 49-year-old James Byrd.

No parade permit is necessary, City Atty. Gary Gatlin said.

"We will go in unarmed, pass out literature, give speeches and instill white pride back in Jasper County," said Darrell Flinn, imperial wizard of the Knights of the White Kamellia, a klan faction based in Vidor, Texas, about 60 miles south of here.

Jasper County Sheriff Billy Rowles said two klan factions were given a permit to parade together for two hours on the afternoon of June 27. The other faction was identified as the Waco, Texas-based Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Police and city officials said they hope nobody will turn out for the event.

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