Residents' Recycling Fee to Rise to $2.10 a Month

For once, at least, the words "reduce" and "recycle" didn't go together.

The City Council voted to increase residents' recycling fee from $1.28 a month to $2.10. Council members said the increase offsets a rise in the monthly cost of collecting all trash.

The recycling fee had been $2.03 per month in 1996 but dropped last year because the city renegotiated its garbage-collection contract with CRT Inc. of Stanton.

City Manager Kevin J. Murphy said the renegotiated savings were passed on to residents. The new fee reflects the actual cost of service, he said.

Councilman John W. Hedges voted against the increase, saying the city ought to collect its recycling fees from property taxes, as it does with trash fees, instead of imposing a charge on residents.

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