Cyclist, Police Slam Brakes on Bike Theft

Police nabbed a suspected bicycle thief in downtown Ventura minutes after he allegedly stole a $2,000 bicycle from a rack on the back of a car.

James Jefferson Boyce, 40, of Ventura was taken into custody Wednesday evening on suspicion of grand theft and for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant, police said.

Police say a man was spotted removing a bicycle from the car rack as owner Lanee Jelletich of Ojai and a friend sat across the street in a downtown restaurant.

The pair chased him down Oak Street, causing the thief to crash, police said. The bike rider got up and ran as the 45-year-old Jelletich swung her fanny pack at him in an unsuccessful effort to stop him, police said.

Jelletich and her friend hailed a nearby police officer who put out a description of the suspect over the radio. Patrolling Officer Darrick Brunk spotted Boyce near the intersection of Palm and Santa Clara streets and took him into custody, police said.

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