Classic Lines

Australian muralist David Legaspi III is creating what he calls "a 360-degree painting," covering about 3,000 square feet along the interior of a private 12-car garage.

"Milestone Drive (A Drive Through Time)" depicts the development of the automobile, as well as the evolution of roads--from dirt paths to pavement to freeway interchanges. Legaspi used every available inch of garage space, including pantry doors and wall fixtures until "it all became a part of something."

"I thought initially it was going to be an easy job, but incorporating the doorknobs and hinges became more of a challenge."

Legaspi was commissioned to do the work a year ago by a couple who wanted to brighten the space where they keep their classic car collection.

The finished work will include Masonite, plaster, vinyl, baked enamel and acrylic paints that can be seen by day, and fluorescent painted stars, moons, headlights and skyscrapers that are visible by night.

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