Hotel Will Convert to Housing for Seniors

A third Newport Boulevard motel will be turned into housing for senior citizens.

City planners this week approved conversion of the 73-unit Sea Breeze Apartment Motel. After construction, the complex will include 71 rooms--16 one-bedroom units and 55 studios. Double occupancy will be allowed in the larger units. Up to five rooms can be used for short-term stays.

A complete overhaul is planned for the building at 2080 Newport Blvd., said Willa Bouwens-Killeen, a senior city planner. Adding a recreation room, elevator and enclosed parking spaces are among the plans.

The Sea Breeze joins two other motels on Newport Boulevard, in the 1600 and 2400 blocks, to be converted into housing.

The latest conversion agreement was reached between the current property owner, Sharo Khatsoo, and developer Robert Koury, Bouwens-Killeen said.

"We're always supportive of senior housing," she said.

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