Smart Aleck

The question June 14: Some members of Congress want to abolish the so-called marriage tax. What parts of the IRS code would you like to rewrite?


All of it. You could lower the tax rates by taxing all income of each individual with no exemptions and no deductions.

John K. Beach



Since the IRS is kinder and gentler these days, they could rewrite the "pay this amount" part to say, "Have a good year."

Rose Kirkland

Los Angeles


The Tax Simplification Constitutional Amendment: Each member of Congress shall compute his/her own federal tax liability without assistance. . . .

Earnest Bovine

Studio City


Tax 10% to 20% of all income as taught to me in school in the late '30s.

Norman Berney

Van Nuys


The IRS should trust workers to send in what they deem legitimate. "Thou shalt not steal" works both ways.

Brian Simler



Please do away with having to report interest as minuscule as $10.

Want to bet they won't? What has the little guy ever done for the politicians? That's their attitude.

Lauri Estock



(1) Eliminate the mortgage interest deduction for second homes. (2) Allow the first $500 in savings interest to be tax-free.

Zoltan Puskas

Santa Barbara

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