Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

If people tap or drum their fingers while talking to you, does this have any special meaning? Are they professional drummers or are they just Nervous Nellies? According to an article in the July issue of Men's Fitness, it means they are closing off or creating a barrier. Other body language signs to watch out for in the office are: leaning closer, which indicates interest or comfort; arms over chest, indicating defensiveness; and open palms, showing sincerity and openness. And if the boss clasps his hands behind his back, watch out.The move indicates anger and frustration.

Potty Like It's 1999

Toilet-training kids is a tough job, but Playskool hopes it just made things easier. The Rhode Island-based company has introduced the Magic Reward Potty Step Stool, which uses positive reinforcement to help the child's transition from diapers to the toilet. When a child successfully uses the potty seat, they're "praised and rewarded when a design on the bottom of the bowl 'magically' changes from a target to a star," as the Playskool press release put it. The potty can also be used as a step stool. For more information, call (800) 752-9755.

Food Groups

Thanksgiving. Family gatherings. Office lunches. Do you think you eat more or less than usual at these events? According to an article in the July issue of Muscle & Fitness, you probably consume more. The article says people tend to chow down more in groups than they do alone, although no one is sure why. So, if you're battling your weight, run away from people and keep running, because exercise always helps too.

Food Groups II

You can battle your weight without actually going on a diet. At least according to an organization called the Calorie Control Council, an international association of manufacturers of low-calorie and reduced-fat foods and beverages. It's called "controlling your weight." About 77 million Americans are doing this by trying to maintain a healthy weight as a matter of lifestyle--not just a temporary quick-fix solution, the council says. And what's the best way to control your weight? The council recommends eating plenty of reduced-fat and low-calorie foods and beverages, of course.

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