Job Preferences

Re “Clinton to Unveil New Approach to Job Preferences,” June 24: There are several problems with the president’s “new approach.” Federal government surveys will determine which minority firms will get preferential bidding treatment in the awarding of federal contracts. For an administration that continues to support affirmative action, you know that its data will be manipulated.

Setting racial or gender numerical goals produces outcomes that can’t be equitably justified. The article cited the situation in the West where “minority firms held 27.1% of the market and accounted for 29.4% of federal contracts.” This unbalance, under Clinton’s goal criteria, suggests that nonminority firms should receive preferential treatment until equilibrium is achieved. This is not contemplated, but shouldn’t it happen if fairness is the objective?

Let’s resolve this issue. Award contracts to minority firms under Clinton’s “new approach.” Have nonminority firms discriminated against sue the federal government. Let the Supreme Court decide if race and gender have any place in determining contract awards.



Paso Robles