L.A. Drivers

Re “ ‘Everybody Is Out for Himself,’ ” June 23:

As a 28-year-old, I finally worked up the courage to learn how to drive. To warn other drivers of my inexperience, I put a “Student Driver” sign on the back of my car after I got my permit. What amazes me is that, in spite of the sign, drivers chose to cut in front of me without using turn indicators or keeping an adequate distance. Most drivers were tolerant of my slow speed.

Once I forgot to put the sign on and was driving the car at the posted speed limit on a surface street under the supervision of my husband, when someone honked from behind. Stopping just ahead at a red light, the other driver started yelling. My husband rolled down the window and smilingly explained that I was a learning driver. To our surprise the driver got more aggravated and started cussing. My husband responded angrily. The other driver, trembling with rage, took out his cell phone and called the cops. Of course, nothing happened.

But the incident scared me and left a bitter taste in my mouth. What if he had a gun? Possibly my husband, my toddler son, my infant daughter and I would be dead today. Our fault? I was driving at the posted speed limit and following the rules. I wish I did not have to agree with cabdriver Christine Susan Carlton. There is a need to somehow create awareness among drivers and emphasize following the road rules. This will not only save thousands of lives, but will also prevent road rage. But how?