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The question Feb. 15: With all the swirling debate, how would you define adultery?

A lack of something someone needs. Not just sex--it might be love, respect, companionship or something else, but it is missing.

Veronica King, Brentwood


Adultery is when you participate in the type of close behavior with someone who is not your spouse that you would not want your spouse to behave likewise with someone else.

Calvin Naito, Los Angeles


Adultery: a perquisite that comes with the presidency of the United States of America.

Jerome Ehrlich, Laguna Hills


Unzipped, unbuttoned, pulled up, dropped down with anyone other than your marriage partner equals adultery.

Selma Patent, Marina del Rey


In "intellectually superior" America, we no longer "feel" obligated to honor the sanctity of marriage. We've created our own vows and ultimately our own definitions of infidelity. Regrettably most definitions read: True adultery does not exist, there are always reasons why people do what they do, and those reasons are their own, not to be judged by anyone, even the institution of marriage.

John Stewart Jr., Valley Village


Adultery begins with intent. It's not having dinner with someone other than your spouse, but the intent behind the dinner.

L. Ruhle, Sherman Oaks


If it pisses off your wife, husband, significant other, trick, date, spousal equivalent, lover, roommate, pet, friend, comrade, buddy, girlfriend (of either sex), it's adultery-like. Stop it!

Randall Bruce, Los Angeles]

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