Exercise Is One Ingredient for Long Life

Martin Miller's article ("Go for a Walk, and Live Longer," Feb. 16) should be retitled, "Go for a Walk, You Will Enjoy It."

Good physical and mental health are preconditions for long life. Good health is promoted by having healthy genes, breathing fresh air, drinking pure water, eating a nourishing balanced diet, getting enough sleep, receiving the love and affection of family and friends, having interesting and well-paid employment, enjoying hobbies, games, exercise and other recreation.

Like the trace element vitamin B12, some exercise is essential to health and long life.


San Marino


For the past 17 years, my friend Nancy Wolf and I have been walking three miles a day, five--and sometimes six--days a week. We always walk early in the morning, starting out between 6 and 6:30, and we consider our walk to be vigorous.

Contrary to the comment by fitness experts, we would never allow our "normal conversation" to cease just because we are having difficulty breathing.


Los Olivos

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