She's Never Regretted Having Hysterectomy

I would like to voice an opinion to "Is Hysterectomy Too Radical a Solution to Fibroids?" (Feb. 9). Maybe. But then again, maybe not. In 1990 I had major surgery (painful, three days in the hospital and a long recovery period). This was a myomectomy with the full vehicle incision (bikini cut) to remove my fibroid tumor (which was large and extremely uncomfortable). In 1993 the fibroid grew back, but we had an added glitch. My doctor said I could have taken drugs, or waited it out (till menopause, but I was only 43 at the time) or had a hysterectomy. We were going to be changing insurance companies at that time, and I couldn't sit with my fibroids and hope that they didn't get worse--knowing that the new insurance company would consider it an existing condition and not take care of it.

So I opted for the hysterectomy (laparoscopic--virtually painless, quick recovery time, no more pain, no more fibroids). I have not regretted it for one day. The only regret I do have is the myomectomy. I definitely should have gone straight for the hysterectomy and saved myself all the pain and discomfort, etc. The womanhood-uterus thing is silly. I can't really say that I've felt any less of a woman for not having a uterus.

Of course, if I was younger and wanting to have more children, I'm sure I would have considered the options to hysterectomy. As for Allyn Mulligan, who also had the myomectomy, I hope she was warned that there's a very good chance that she can get new fibroids and they can grow back.


Santa Clarita

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