Smart Aleck

The question Feb. 22: The county health department is now giving out A, B, C grades to eateries. What other local institutions do you think the government should grade?

Every institution should be graded by the government with an A, B or C. Except of course the school system, where a D is "good enough."

Brian Simler, Bakersfield


The DMV offices. That way we'll know if we'll fail the test before we get there.

Emmanuel Rustia, Chino Hills


Government should grade barber shops, so we can see which ones are a cut above.

Marc Kessler, Los Angeles


Hair salons! A quick glance at the front page of Life & Style and one can see that most would flunk. Then The Times could run pages and pages of salon closures.

Randall Bruce, Los Angeles


They should grade HMOs, awarding no skulls and crossbones for the best.

Walter E. Hopmans, Santa Barbara


Car dealers. They get A's for bait and switch, dishonesty, sleaziness and untrustworthiness and Fs for everything else. But, hey, if you want a car, you gotta love 'em!

Sharon Karp, Los Angeles


Television stations should be graded on broadcasting ability. Television media should stop making Princess Diana a 1950s Betsy McCall paper--doll replica of femininity.

Marcia Lynn Austin, Sierra Madre

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