No Beefs With Oprah Verdict

These are excerpts taken from America Online's Members' Choice Area's "Oprah Online," discussing Oprah Winfrey's victory over the Texas Beef Industry in her trial.

Boobrett: Viewing Oprah on 20/20 helps to really humanize the personality we see on TV daily, she has feelings, she has a heart. just because you are successful, attractive and worth much more money than most in america can imagine, doesn't mean you are void and that anyone has the right to "point fingers" and be allowed to get away with that. she is still standing, actually a little taller than before, if you can believe that is possible!!!

MAYFAIR: Boobrett: I guess you might have a point on your hands, free speech can be spiteful, cruel, and nasty.

NIPPER2: I heard the comment made that "Oprah handled herself like a true strong black woman." Does anyone think that race played a part in all of this?

Goldma2: When we can leave out the word "black"--and begin to see people as "people," not colors, then racism will begin to vanish. Oprah handled herself like a true strong woman. A woman with principles and convictions, A WOMAN. Oprah is an example for us all to follow, men, women. She believes, she helps others and she truly cares. She doesn't just give back to black people, she gives back to everyone. In case you're wondering and in case you have a need to label me--just call me that old white lady!

blk4blk: I agree. Im confused. Why has this simple case of Freedom of Speech turned into a Black and White issue? Seems to me it always happens when a Black person is involved in a Nationwide known lawsuit.

denise780: My husband's family has ties rooted in the cattle industry. We have many cases of CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease) in the US, though none related to mad cow disease. We can all help to get this disease more public by writing and calling our elected officials and telling them that we need more money for CJD research.

brondeno: This whole incident was a huge ridiculous fiasco. The Oprah Show is not a "news" investigative talk show. She at many times picks simple fun topics to talk about. I dont see too many lawsuits filed against Prime Time, 20/20, Real News and for crying out loud the local news.

kidcreole: The reason why I'm vegetarian is because of the dangers of meat. We have far too many frivolous lawsuits going on.

denise780: I find it disturbing that people seem to think Oprah's show is just about getting her opinions voiced or her getting us to do what she does. What does a friend do when they've read a book they love? They recommend it to you and then discuss it with you. If she sees clothes, products, etc. she likes, enjoys--whatever--she shares that with you. She presents choices--maybe not all that are available, but she makes people use their brains to think and then decide for themselves.

nvr2late: Well the moral is: ethics must win over power and the profit motive in this industry. I fear that is a hard pill for any Texan to swallow. And the Texans are not alone on this question.

--Compiled by AARON DAVIS

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