Dr. Laura Schlessinger: Striking Different Chords

At last--an observer hears what I hear ("Mother Superior," by Janet Wiscombe, Jan. 18). Laura Schlessinger is a divorcee who attacks those who consider divorce; a woman who is wrathful with those who disagree, but claims her religion won't allow her vengeance; a "recovered" feminist whose very success might not have been possible had not feminists paved the way for her. She's a person who uses her physiology doctorate to style herself as "Dr. Laura" on an advice show but "doesn't do therapy" on the hapless people who turn to her for advice; a self-styled spokesperson for all that is right, who freely and heavy-handedly dispenses judgment in a "do as I now say but not as I once did" manner.

I would never disparage higher moral ground and strong family values, but the precarious pedestal Dr. Laura preaches from and the caustic methods of the messenger leave me cold.

Elise C. Power

Garden Grove


How refreshing to see an article on a person who's not afraid to stand up for what's morally right. If everyone followed the Ten Commandments, we wouldn't be hearing about a mother shooting her two toddlers in the head, or a gang killing an innocent child in a drive-by.

Dr. Laura has done a great job helping people do right in a world where it has become easy to do wrong.

Dina Leonhardt Koehly

Santa Ana


I am so tired of this woman and others of her ilk condemning working parents, who are trying their best to raise their children and provide for them. Schlessinger offers no alternatives to "institutionalized day care." Why doesn't she help solve working parents' problems instead of putting us down? Why doesn't she use her influence to petition the larger corporations for better day care (or any day care).

Few jobs are like Dr. Laura's, where a parent can work for four hours, be home before school lets out and earn enough money to build her dream house.

Theresa Stahlman-West

Culver City


I am dismayed that we have a need for a figure such as Schlessinger and frightened that someone of her limited qualifications has become that figure.

Linda Schulz

Canyon Country


It is ironic that although Schlessinger despises the media, she allowed her true nature to be exposed by your reporter. She comes off sounding like what she really is: an angry hypocrite.

Peggy Jo Abraham

Santa Monica


Hmmm . . . let me guess. Is Wiscombe a working mother with children farmed out to day care? That would certainly be a plausible explanation for the attempted hatchet job on Dr. Laura, who is a breath of fresh air.

This world and its people were created with moral absolutes. There is right. There is wrong. But that is not politically correct thinking these days. People who have beliefs based on the word of God stand firm with Dr. Laura and applaud her.

Jennifer Montin



Schlessinger's moral compass may be right on the money, but her emotional core is severely damaged, making her not only a sad and pathetic person but a dangerous one as well. It is both instructive and extremely disturbing that someone so obviously in need of psychological care is so widely and unquestioningly admired.

Mark Humphreys

Sierra Madre


So, we have a nice-enough woman who proclaims herself a prophet and gets rich and famous for spending several hours a day dispensing platitudes and sermonettes from behind a microphone. And a few pages later, in contrast, we have three men ("Holy Orders," by Patrick Mott, Jan. 18) who turn their backs on their former lives and consciously embrace poverty, humility and the needs of their brothers and sisters 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Notwithstanding the diamond-encrusted Star of David, is there anything wrong with this picture?

I pray that your irony was intentional.

Bill Caughey


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