Celebrity Photographers

15 SECONDS n. minimum time thought needed to get a few good shots of a celebrity. "I just need my 15 seconds and I can go."

36 v. shoot an entire roll of 36 exposures on one person. "I 36ed Gwyneth Paltrow in her Versace gown." rel. smokin' the drive.

CAKE SHOT n. photo taken at a celebratory event, such as a wedding.

DOORSTEP v. wait outside a celebrity's home.

FLARE THE DRESS phr. shoot celebrity to emphasize what he or she is wearing.

OJ'd adj. event or person that's been over-covered. "Monica Lewinsky has been OJ'd to death."

POSE v. control a photo op. "Demi Moore's flack posed her and we got our 15 seconds."

SMOKIN' THE MOTOR DRIVE v. take numerous pictures of a hot event. "I'd be smokin' the drive if Monica showed up at the Oscars."

STRAIGHT INTO THE CAMERA phr. shouted by photographer at celebrities to get them to gaze directly into the lens.

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