Smart Aleck

The question March 1: Administrators at Nicolas Junior High in Fullerton have tried to limit hugging and other public forms of affection. Where else in public life should such policies be tried, and why?

If the state can ban smoking in bars, why not ban all public forms of affection also in bars? It would make the same sense.

Barbara Stewart, North Hollywood


Public forms of affection should be banned at the front of all checkout lines, ticket lines and cafeteria lines, etc.

Jerome Ehrlich, Laguna Hills


To the principal of Nicolas: If you are thinking of posting a "no hug" sign at your school, you might as well have the students dress in military uniforms. Shame on you for not recognizing the beauty of seeing children hugging.

Sandy Solorza, La Palma


Nowhere! These ultraconservative, fanatical followers of Pat Robertson, posing as administrators, obviously ditched history class. The chapter was labeled "Communism." What's next? Chastity belts?

C. Kirby Miovac, Huntington Beach


Yeah, there's a great idea. We can't have any love going on around here. Forget banning hate, just no love. What's left? Total indifference?

Lynn Pazzani, Irvine


Let people be people; everyone has something to express, whether it be victory or condolences. You can't change the natural passions of a human being.

Dewey Linehan, Huntington Beach

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