A primer on healthful eating:* Choose fresh...

A primer on healthful eating:

* Choose fresh fruits and vegetables. These are perfect foods for good health and weight control.

* Switch to nonfat or low-fat milk, cheese and other dairy products.

* Trim the skin and fat from chicken.

* Buy lean meats and trim any excess fat and marbling before cooking.

* Enjoy starches and grains. Most people think potatoes are fattening. Not true. It's the sour cream or butter that adds the calories. A baked potato, slice of whole-grain bread and brown rice are low in calories and high in fiber and nutrients.

* Healthful snacks include air-popped popcorn, low-salt pretzels and low-fat frozen dessert.

* Check food labels and eat in moderation.

* Drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day.


Source: Audrey Smith, registered dietitian, director of cancer prevention services,WATTSHealth

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