Twice-Weekly Street Sweeping Considered

City streets would be swept twice a week rather than once under a proposal being studied by the city staff.

Acting City Administrator Ray Silver said sending street sweepers around twice as often could cost the city as much as $200,000 a year. But, he said, that could be paid with money generated from parking citations. Officials estimate about 20,000 citations would be issued annually at $32 each.

But last week, the City Council had reservations about paying for the service with fines and asked the staff to research how other cities fund street sweeping. Councilman Dave Sullivan pointed out that while cars parked in a street sweeper's path generate revenue, they also prevent the sweeper from doing its job.

"I've seen the street sweeper come around a parked car and clean up nothing," Sullivan said. "If more residents moved their cars, it would not be a waste of time."

The council will revisit the issue after the staff returns with answers to their concerns.

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