Arco Had Opportunity to Refute Pollution Data

Arco claims that the Council on Economic Priorities utilized inaccurate data to name Arco as one of the "worst polluters" ["Arco Rated Worst Polluter in Study of 15 Refineries," Feb. 13].

As in all previous Campaigns for Cleaner Corporations, most companies respond to their "worst polluter" status by contesting the quality and/or use of the data CEP utilized.

Arco, generally non-responsive and not cooperative until the final phase of the project, did not exercise its option to verify core environmental impact data. CEP researchers gave all companies in the study multiple opportunities within an eight-month period to verify the data and clearly communicated to them that a "non-response" indicated correct information.

Arco claims that a reporting error to the EPA in 1993 and 1994 is the cause of the company's poor ranking. CEP researchers utilized publicly available data throughout the process when companies failed to respond.


Environmental Research Associate

Council on Economic Priorities

New York

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