Whiten Smile, Brighten Lives

If you've wanted to have your teeth whitened but feel guilty about splurging to do it, here's a deal for you.

Hundreds of dentists nationwide, including about 30 in Southern California, are participating in a program through the end of May. Money made from tooth whitening will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the nonprofit Memphis-based hospital opened in 1962 by the late entertainer Danny Thomas.

Tooth whitening, which costs about $350 to $450, is a simple procedure. The dentist makes a mold of the patient's teeth that is used to make a whitening tray, which the patient wears at home. Discus Dental, the manufacturer of Nite White tooth whitener, is donating its product for the Smiles for Life campaign. Patients should make their checks out to the campaign.

Call (800) 272-0995 for the name of a Smiles for Life dentist.

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