Ex-Official Files Claim Over Firing

A former city manager fired by the City Council in December has filed a claim against the city alleging his termination was the result of reverse discrimination.

Carl Yeats alleges that he was dismissed Dec. 17 because he was “a Caucasian of European American, non-Hispanic national origin” in the predominately Latino community.

Yeats’ firing came after Councilman Ricardo Pacheco joined the council.

Pacheco, Councilman Manual Lozano and Councilwoman Teri Muse voted to dismiss Yeats.


In the claim, Yeats alleges that shortly after Pacheco’s election and two weeks before his dismissal, the city attorney told him: “In two weeks, one of us won’t be here, and it’s not going to be me.”

City Atty. David Olivas said Yeats’ allegations are untrue. “He has a vivid imagination,” Olivas said.