TODAY'S TIP : Surviving the Season of Aches, Pains

Here are some tips for getting through the cold and flu season:

Common Cold Symptoms

* Fever

* Chills

* Stuffy nose

* Sore throat, hoarseness

* Aches and pains

* Loss of appetite

Influenza Symptoms

* Fever, usually sudden

* Chills, sweating

* Aches and pains

* Weakness, headaches

* Loss of appetite

Pneumonia Symptoms

* Fever as high as 105 degrees

* Shortness of breath and confusion

* Chest pains

* Cough that produces thick, dark or blood-tinged sputum

When to Call a Doctor

* If your symptoms are worsening

* If you have a high fever

* If fever continues for several days

* Pneumonia requires prompt treatment with antibiotics

Medication Warnings

* Products containing caffeine can rob sick people of something very important: sleep

* Avoid mixing and matching cold medications to prevent overdosing

* Products with alcohol can have a sedating effect, which could be a problem for people with weakened immune systems.

Source: Times reports

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