Dueling Portfolios

Strategists were divided Tuesday on whether to increase or reduce equity weightings in their model portfolios after Monday's market swoon. Key bull Abby J. Cohen of Goldman Sachs raised her equity allocation, as did Douglas Cliggott of J.P. Morgan. But Merrill Lynch's Richard Bernstein advised clients to cut stock holdings.

Douglas Cliggott, J.P. Morgan

Stocks: 60% (was 50%)

Bonds: 25%

Cash: 15%


Richard Bernstein, Merrill Lynch

Stocks: 50% (was 55%)

Bonds: 50%


Abby J. Cohen, Goldman Sachs

Stocks: 72% (was 65%)

Bonds: 25%

Commodities: 3%

Note: Individual investors should carefully consider factors such as their age and risk tolerance in determining their own asset allocations.

Source: Bloomberg News

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