A Bidding War That's the Work of Agent 007


The look is spylishly Bond. James Bond.

And it's all up for grabs--from coats to suits to underwear and more--at Christie's Los Angeles, where the first auction devoted to Ian Fleming's fictional spy guy is on display for your eyes only.

If your fond Bond ambition is to own a piece of the haute homage to espionage, you have until 3 p.m. Friday to view the more than 150 items, including gadgets, dolls, posters and props at the Beverly Hills auction house, 360 North Camden Drive. Bids will be accepted through Sept. 17 at Christie's London via fax or phone.

But don't let some of the anticipated bids scare the living daylights out of you. Remember, in Bondspeak, you only live twice and the really cool stuff--from a single-breasted navy overcoat trimmed with a navy velvet collar ($3,340) worn by Sean Connery to a two-piece, double-breasted, midnight-blue dinner suit ($7,515) worn by Roger Moore to must-have accessories such as gold cuff links ($1,336) and a Rolex wristwatch ($6,680) that turned into a buzz saw in one flick--will make you feel like the man with the golden gun.

Talk about 007th Heaven.

Wannabe Bond girls--remember Miss Moneypenny, Mary Goodnight, Holly Goodhead and Plenty O'Toole?--have a chance to nab a few nobody-does-it-better trinkets, from 007-engraved prop brass bullets ($300 to $500 each) to baubles like the faux diamonds ($2,756) from "Thunderball." But if the phony rocks don't rock your world, maybe a black Leatherette bikini ($459, with a secret compartment in the bra strap for a weapon), worn by Maud Adams in "Octopussy," will. Or how about the knee-length gold kidskin trimmed in mink ($2,505) worn by "Goldfinger" gal Shirley Eaton, who also wore a pair of rose- and cream-colored lace panties ($334) in a sizzling love scene with Connery?

You don't think so, you say? Well, honey, never say never again. Even these little goodies are so Bondalicious that Dr. No would say yes.

* For more information on items and placing bids after the collection returns to Christie's in London, call the local office at (310) 385-2600.

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