Robert Horn: Teaching the Important Lessons

In the early and mid-'70s, as an undergraduate and graduate student in political science at Cal State Northridge, I took classes from Robert Horn ("Father of the Groom," by Scott Harris, Aug. 9). I remember him as an encouraging, supportive person, someone I felt comfortable around.

After leaving Northridge more than 20 years ago, I didn't think about him again until I read a piece from his book in The Times some years ago and learned that he had ALS. As I started reading, I felt sad as the news sunk in, but by the time I finished, I became happy--and very proud to be a human being. Because if a member of my species could create what I was reading, it must be a fine species to belong to.

I can understand what Harris meant when he said that being around Horn and his family, despite everything, left him with a feeling something like envy.

Judy Anderson Weintraub


More than 10 years ago, I took several classes from Robert Horn at Cal State Northridge. Everyone looked forward to his classes; he made them fun, stimulating and informative.

Horn's passion for teaching and his concern for his students came through loud and clear. We couldn't help but get caught up in his enthusiasm.

I remember having a feeling of annoyance about some matter-- inconsequential, no doubt--on the morning I picked up the magazine and read the article about Horn's affliction. After I finished reading, some perspective returned about what's really important in life.

Thanks, Dr. Bob, for continuing to teach us the most important lessons of all.

Mindy F. Berman

Culver City

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